4-Year-Old child Stays alive after falling from 6th-story apartment in New York City


First officers from the New York City Police Department have been praised for acting immediately to secure the safety of a little kid who had experienced a frightening fall.

Police arrive at the Paterson Houses NYCHA community in the Mott Haven district of the Bronx, where a 4-year-old kid fell from his 6th-story apartment window, according to body camera footage.

When police arrived, they were delighted to discover that the youngster was alive and attentive.

When emergency services and cops came, neighbors were assisting the youngster.

They were able to transport the youngster, who looked to have a leg injury but was actually unharmed, together.

He was sent to a nearby hospital for assessment.

People in the vicinity were astonished to discover what had transpired because most flat windows have window barriers.

The tiny child appeared to have lifted a piece of wood jammed between an air conditioner and a window, then lifted the plastic piece, creating the opening he fell through.

It was the lone unguarded window in the house.

The boy’s mom was at home at the moment and was shocked to learn what had occurred to her kid.

She raced to his side, relieved that her kid was still there. The event is being investigated by both the NYPD and the Department for Child services.