A chained doggie who feels abandoned by its owner and is unable to lie down wants only one thing


A chained doggie who feels abandoned by its owner and is unable to lie down wants only one thing

Stories like this one are all too common. A family acquires a doggie, only to put him outside on a leash in all types of weather—cold, rainy, and scorching hot.

Hank had no other life; it was brutal , ruthless. Rescuers felt they had to intervene after they received a call from a worried neighbor, ilovemydogsomuch writes.

They were horrified when they arrived at Hank’s home. In the icy rain, he was perched on a wire.

Mud was present everywhere. Even his water and food bowls were missing.

What type of fam abandons a doggie in such a way? Hank was allowed to travel with the rescue team that day because the authorities decided to get involved!

The rescuers discovered some upsetting facts at the vet clinic. Hank wasn’t feeling well.

Distemper has a 50% probability of being cured in this case. The poor animal was severely malnourished and anemic.

His immune system had been compromised. He therefore needed a lot of one-on-one care.

The rescue organization posted a need for help on social media.

When two women approached, they offered to take Hank home with them. They offered to look after him constantly.

Along with his prescriptions, a decent place to live, and food, Hank also received a lot of love.

His new parents made sure he attended each doctor’s visit, that he ate healthfully, and that he had a good night’s sleep (on the sofa or in their bed, not on a chain outdoors).

Finally feeling at peace and at home, Hank. He passed the day by dozing off. He was weak and unwell, yet he could still wag his tail and sit on his moms’ laps.

He was still young enough to have a long life, but his previous owner ruined that for him.

He continued to deteriorate in the absence of the proper care starting at a young age, such as vaccinations and a balanced diet.

Even though his passing was painful, it was a victory in and of itself because he knew love even in his final moments.

Every dog should enjoy their existence. This gave him the fulfillment he desired.

His mothers held him as he passed the rainbow bridge and said, « Hank, we adore you. » Sweet little boy, RIP!