A courageous firefighter rescues a baby’s life. He reconnects with the girl after 17 years 


For the most of his adult years, Mike had worked as a fireman.

Even though he was retired, he couldn’t help but think about all the people he had met while on his numerous rescue operations over the years.

As per ABC News, he received a report about a burning family house while serving as a captain for the Wenatchee, Fire Dept.

When he and his coworkers got on the site, they discovered that the home had already burned down in half.

They noticed a section of the home that was on fire but had not yet crumbled. To discover whether anyone was still inside, they made the choice to search for an entry.

He had a good instinct and understood he needed to check every area of the house just in case no one was still there.

When he walked into a room, he at once noticed a living thing. There was a bed in the space, and a baby was tucked up inside there.

He seized the infant and led her out of the home in safety. He then learned that the youngster he had saved was just 9 months old.

As the years went by, He discovered that he was frequently remembering that infant.

He questioned her condition and safety. Over the years, these ideas have bothered him and even held him awake at night.

In the course of his departure, he came to the conclusion that more research was necessary in order to learn the child’s identity and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

He asked his mom for assistance after turning to some of his former firefighting coworkers but getting no response.

View this Wonderbot video retelling of his story to learn how his mom assisted in solving the case and what transpired when he started hearing from the relatives.

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