A fatigued soldier is protected at the airport by a loving doggie


Lasting relationships exist between combatants and their fellow soldiers.

Since they were developed through trust and respect and tested by struggle, nothing could break these relationships.

How realistic this is is shown in the scene below.

At the Indianapolis airport, photographers simply happened to be in the right spot at the right time to catch a glimpse of a platoon of troops passing by.

The 10 soldiers and the two dogs had a few time to kill before they had to go on, and several of them elected to take short naps.

Additionally, a war comrade of an especially worn-out soldier took it upon himself to watch over and safeguard her as she slept by sleeping down on top of her and maintaining watch.

These canines’ deep-seated desire to assist their owners at any costs is evident in this situation when it is used in a typical, everyday situation. How beautiful!

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