A man left a bait in the forest and made the clearest video footage of a Bigfoot-like creature in history


Josh Highcliff left a special bait in the thicket and set up cameras nearby.

A week later, he managed to make the clearest record in history of a creature resembling Bigfoot. The dark creature is taller than a man and covered in thick fur.

Unusual shots were filmed in the forest near the city of Tonic, USA. Nearby there is a mountain range, the whole territory belongs to the reserve and is poorly explored.

Highcliff has been looking for Bigfoot for several years.

The man decided to install the cameras here after he noticed a dark figure while hunting. His video trap turned out to be effective: a black figure, very similar to a tall man, actually approached the bait.

For clearer shots, Josh went to the bait site himself.

He managed to photograph the alleged yeti for the second time. However, the shooting was carried out hand-held, and at some point the operator simply ran away, unable to withstand the proximity to a strange creature.

“It was huge and black. It sat by the cypress tree where I left the bait. This time there was no food, and it began to pull out a stump from the ground. Of course, I ran away,” Highcliff later said.

It is impossible to check the reality of the record. A certain creature does appear in the frame, but it is difficult to identify it.

Video claimed to be Bigfoot: