A miracle occurs when an 8-year-old girl who recently lost her father wants to attend a daddy-daughter dance


This second-grader had always desired to attend the father-daughter dance. She had not thought she would be able to go after her father passed away, though.

That is, until some thoughtful individuals decided to offer to be the companions for children lacking father figures.

« I spoke with the mom; she stated that everything was fine… Since I don’t want to be dismissed by a second grader, Nick, the Van Buren school resource officer, stated.

The day after her mother had talked to her about it, I officially requested her if she would accompany me to the daddy-daughter waltz.

Harvey was seated next to Avey, an 8-year-old girl, when he thought back on the incident and related his tale to 5 News.

He was very pleased of his decision. He did not show any signs of remorse, just his earnest and good intents.

Whenever the big evening actually came, the families and helpers worked very hard and gave it their best to make it a magnificent and memorable evening.

Cox and Harvey prepared their outfits ahead of time, posed for several photographs, rode in a limo to the occasion, and even paused for pizza on the way there.

I truly got to go and see all my pals there, » Cox said to 5News before turning to Harvey and grinning.

It was really meaningful. I then had the pleasure of traveling with him after that.

It was a precious experience at that particular time. Our emotions are warmed by the young girl’s adorable grin and finger-pointing at Harvey.

In fact, he won’t soon forget that night, which he also thought was incredibly great.

The officer claimed that both on and off the floor at the school in Arkansas, the two made a lot of great memories.

I kind of humiliated myself by dancing when I can’t get it up at all, Harvey chuckled and said. « Me and him dancing, » he continued.

Cox made a sound as like she was ready to cry before stopping abruptly. She was then hugged by Harvey who had come over.

It was such a tender, genuine moment, and the link between these two is undeniably extraordinary and significant, especially for a young child who lost a parent at such a crucial age.

One of the evening’s most iconic scenes was the father-daughter dance. A partygoer took a video of Harvey and Cox dance, which was then uploaded to the Internet and rapidly got attention.

The world as a whole was touched by Harvey’s generosity that night; it wasn’t simply the little girl who sensed it.

It’s wonderful to see some nice folks out there doing good deeds in the world right now.

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