A tiny puppy abused and cast aside is so relieved to be rescued that he buries his face in rescuer’s arms


A small, sick puppy lived in a garage behind an apartment building in St. Louis.

Local residents all this time threw unnecessary things and furniture into the garage, and did not notice its furry inhabitant.

And Chowder, though used to such a life, hoped for a miracle…

Once in the life of Chowder, a miracle happened – one rainy day he was noticed by a kind man.

He fed the puppy and gave him some water, and was surprised at how much Chowder trusted him:

“As soon as I approached, Chowder ran out to meet me. He is an incredibly friendly guy. He was happy that someone was kind to him,” – says the man.

The man also called Stray Rescue to take care of Chowder, and one of the volunteers came right away for the puppy.

This kid also trusted the rescuers – they successfully delivered him to the shelter.

All the way in the car, Chowder hugged the volunteer, as if he thanked her with all his heart for being rescued.

And in the shelter, this boy opened up even more – he was so happy to be saved that it was in his eyes.

Veterinarians found a severe eye infection in the dog, and began to restore his eyes.

When Chowder recovered a bit and got rid of the stress, they sent him to his temporary house.

Chowder is a wonderful, well-mannered, affectionate and very grateful boy for everything.


After all that he has experienced, he has been given a new life, and he lives in complete security and love.

When the baby finally recovers, they will begin to look for permanent owners for him.

Let’s wish this incredible boy to find the best owners!