A unfortunate dog with a broken spine disrupts a woman’s vacation


Even when it seems like our ideal plans would be derailed by the most unanticipated incident, fate often has the nicest surprises in store for us.

When Kiara  and her family were on holiday along a road in Crete, Greece, this is what occurred to them.

They unexpectedly came upon a dog motionless in the middle of the road. When Kiara learns that the sad little doggie is living in a box by himself, she realizes she must assist him.

His spine was fractured, and his left leg was totally paralyzed.

He visited her every day because he was unable to ignore her constant demand for cotton wool.

I tried to give her all the affection she had ever had from a person in the days that followed, bringing her food everytime she came back to the barn.

The compassionate mom made the choice to give her child the name Fos, which is Greek for « Bright. »

He quickly learns that Fos is a really kind and lovely dog. She did not think twice to take her to a rescue group since she was certain that she deserved a second opportunity in life.

A vet there gave her a thorough examination and treated the serious wounds that had caused her such agony.

The fact nobody had been able to modify her fate before her, though, was what grieved her the most.

That’s how Fos quickly won Kiara’s heart; as a result, Kiara adopted Fos and made her the darling of her household.

The veterinarians gave the puppy all the attention she need before telling Kiara the most wonderful news.

For Fos to fully heal, it was only a question of time and, most importantly, a lot of love.

In order to finally get a roof over her head and her forever home, Fos took a flight to the Netherlands with her adoptive mom.

This story is summarized in a video. Although the puppy’s spine is still healing, she is undoubtedly doing far better than she was when she was in the old barn.

Fos currently resides in Holland with his new fam, despite the fact that he still has a long way to go!

Kiara would not now have such a close companion, and the doggie would have been doomed if she hadn’t paused to assist Fos that day.

The finest things in life occasionally happen when you least expect them.

Fos merely has to focus on appreciating his new life since very soon he will be totally OK!

Share this wonderful gesture of animal kindness with all of your pals; I guarantee that at least some of them will be affected and inspired to stop and help any needy creature!