Adorable and cuddly rescue cow loves giving kisses like a 1-ton kid


Luiza had all the time assisted a number of needy pets while she was employed at the « Amor que Salva » (Love that saves) Shelter.

She lately saved Francisco, a savior cow.The cow was good at getting the attention of his beloved person because he always wished it.

The pretty youthful cow wanted to be held and adored to kiss her;He was about a ton in weight.Luiza and the safe-haven laborers had saved Francisco from being shipped off a slaughterhouse.

The innocent cow was initially terrified of people, but he warmed up to Luiza.He immediately displayed his playful nature when he was given toys.He loved to touch everything with his head.

One of Luiza’s most cheerful memories was when Francisco ran in the open field for the 1st time in life.He demanded her full attention each time he ran up to his rescuer.

Out of pure jealousy, the cow would push away any other pet that tried to get close to Luiza.But, everything changed the moment Luiza saved the pig Martin.The elder pigs stepped on the poor pig, breaking his leg.

Francisco knew staright away that this child was unique.He treated Martin with extra care.But, Martin also demanded Luiza’s attention, just like Francisco did.To cuddle with Luiza, he would even push his fellows away.

Nevertheless, they gradually shared Luiza’s devotion.Francisco had learned to share the adoration, and he knew that when it comes to hugging, more is better.

Therefore, the cow was extra soft with the infants and cuddled everybody at the sanctuary.Luiza was proud to be his beloved among his many chaps.