After adopting 9 newborn ducks, this Labrador turns into an internet star


He is very sweet and lovely. In Stansted, U.k., Fred, a 10-year-old Labrador retriever, resides in Mountfitchet Castle.

He gained notoriety as a devoted and amiable puppy after adopting nine abandoned baby birds.

The mom duckling disappeared, abandoning the ducklings alone.

Fred assumed responsible for the ducks’ upkeep. In order to maintain them warm, he snuggled up close to them.

The ducklings welcomed their strange-looking young mum and clambered all over him because they could sense Fred’s tender warmth and comfort.

They appear to fit in just well on his back.

They swim in the moat after that while Fred looks after them.

They also occasionally slumber with Fred on the grass.

The team at the castle expects that Fred will continue to show such keen interest in them for a few more weeks until they are old enough.

The ducks will have grown up and be prepared to establish themselves on the castle grounds by that time.

Just the finest are tested. It is strange that Fred fathered baby birds but not other Labradors.

Anyway, he did a great job, and now that he is a stay-at-home dad raising nine baby ducklings, he is happy with his work.

What a lovely puppy! The ducklings follow him everywhere he goes and spend the entire day with him.

Adorable in every way. He is gorgeous and a wonderful foster parent as well!

Adorably cute. « Good job, Fred. »

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