As the mother orangutan rejoins with her stolen baby, workers start to cry


At the Borneo Center in Indonesia, Clara the expectant orangutan went into labor to a newborn orangutan female named Clarita.

However, the infant was vanished from her cell when the shelter staff discovered it soon after the delivery ilovemydogsomuch comments.

This designated refuge, which is surrounded by a thick forest, is often free of thieves.

To find the abducted infant Clarita, the terrified employes searched everywhere.

Finally, they spotted the infant being kept hostage by Rizki, a 14-year-old dominant male one!

The employees discovered baby to be really fragile after rescuing her from the alpha male abuctor.

She had a skin condition and required emergency care in the crtical care unit.

She was ultimately out of danger after receiving therapy for days, but she remained quite fragile.

The employees were now afraid to present Clarita to Clara.

The employees understood that mother animals refuse and assault their vulnerable babies if they felt they had little chances of survival, but she had been absolutely distraught since her daughter vanished.

In this clip, we watch the heated exchanges when the staff deliver Clarita to her distraught mother.

Initially, she is perplexed, but she soon succumbs to her maternal urges and envelops her daughter in her loving arms!

The staff members start crying as they observe an emotional Clara trying to milk her infant while tightly embracing her own childd.

The mother only wants to save her priceless child! We hope they have a long and happy life together!

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