Cette vidéo d’un petit pika chantant « Queen » est devenue virale sur Internet
La passion de Freddie Mercury coule dans les veines de cette petite créature ! Ce petit gars s’appelle « Mercury Peak » et on pourrait penser que Freddie
A tiny puppy abused and cast aside is so relieved to be rescued that he buries his face in rescuer’s arms
A small, sick puppy lived in a garage behind an apartment building in St. Louis. Local residents all this time threw unnecessary things and furniture into
Young stray dog who thought one of her puppies is stolen from her was crying from pain
A stray dog, a black pit bull, gave birth helpless and alone on the street. She was noticed by Stephanie when she was crossing the street, keeping one
A newborn infant who had been brutally dumped in a little box in the basement was saved by a kitten
Even when it is extended to a complete stranger, kindness is always appreciated and remembered. However, what exactly does compassion towards animals entail?
Gus Kenworthy, an olympic skier from the United States, saves 90 dogs from being eaten in Korea
An American skier named Gus shot to fame after he saved 90 dogs from the Olympic Games. The olympics were played in Sochi, where he discovered two tiny dogs.
Until he met his family, the blind and deaf shelter doggie believed no one would love him
It might be difficult to find a home for puppies that require particular care. Randi and her friend, however, decided they wanted Petey, the prior dog
The mother doggie melts 26 million hearts as she chases after a truck carrying her rescued pups
Karlee, a doggie rescuer, was informed of a situation involving a puppy litter residing behind a wood pile at a construction site that was being torn down
A huge gorilla makes a sweet friendship with a little bush baby
According to kingdomstv, the non-profit organizaton Ape Action Africa is committed to the preservation of chimpanzees, gorillas, and other endangered primates.
A dog sobbed in relief after being saved from her unpleasant circumstance
There are many different causes of dog crying. Not just in pan, but also in thanksgiving, people cry. Particularly when they are taken out of the jaws
On her journey to the butcher, a pregnant cow leaps off the truck in an attempt to save the unborn child
The cow, Brianna, was highly expecting when she was crammed into a vehicle with other calves to be slaughtered, according to valuablestories.