Couple gets married after their respective partners bag up and dump them on the same day


Brittany left for a business convention in Seattle, never expecting to meet her future spouse. She was, after all, already wedded.

Brittany encountered Tyler at the event, and after becoming acquaintances, they realized they had something in prevalent: they were both suffering in their marriages but doing their hardest to achieve success.

The couple began as excellent buddies who leaned to one other for comfort through a tough period, but they maintain they had no goal of having a romantic relationship between themselves.

Nevertheless, Brittany and Tyler anticipated to come back home to their husbands — until an unforeseen event occurred on the final day of the business conference.

Brittany, who claimed to have been messaging her spouse all day, got one last reply from him: « I want to get divorced. »

She arrived home, her heart crushed, ready to pick up the bits.

That’s when things started to become… weird.

Brittany got another phone conversation later that day, only a few hours later. This time, though, it came from Tyler.

« My wife is gone, » he said in amazement, as per « She grabbed her belongings and fled. »

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