Daughter is found sleeping on a mattress in the locked kitchen when a military father returns home


People who enroll in the military must make a lot of sacrifices in order to serve their nation.

Being always unsure of how everybody is doing back home when you’re on road must be one of the most difficult aspects.

Captain Peter had spent eight hard months away from his loved ones and his house.

He had the good fortune to have his upcoming tour of duty end 2 months early, and he was looking forward to surprise his wife Linda and daughter Melissa.

After entering his home via the front door, he eagerly yelled out to his wife, daughter, and two stepsons but got no answer.

The house seemed vacant even though it was a Saturday morning when everybody should have been at home.

One more time, he yelled his kids names, and then he heard, « Daddy! I’m in the kitchen right now.

He rushed over to the kitchen door, only to find it shut, much to his amazement.

His daughter was standing in front of him as he opened the door, tears streaming down her face.

She expressed her longing for him to him. She was being hugged by Peter when he couldn’t resist but look over and saw a mattress in the kitchen nook.

He was really bewildered. He enquired about his daughter’s sleeping arrangements and inquired about her stepmother and the boys’ whereabouts.

« I can’t tell you! Daddy, you don’t seem it. I’ll be alone with them once again after you leave. She shouted.

She was reassured by him that she had nothing to worry about any more; all he asked was for her to be honest with him.

Watch the complete video narrative from Wonderbot to see what his wife Linda did when Peter was out on trip and why the mattress was kept in the kitchen with her.

Although we are unable to confirm the veracity of the touching tale presented here, we believe you will be pleased by its feeling of surprise and serendipity.

Everyone could need a respite from the constant stream of bad news. Enjoy!