Even after ten years this man who saved a lioness, still gets the warmest and most sincere hugs from him


This person is extremely fortunate because every morning he receives a warm hug from his mature and graceful lioness companion.

In a footage that Vilon Gunter just shared on his Fb account, she sees him in the morning with a fierce cuddle.The video rapidly spread across the internet and went viral.

Given that it is uncommon to observe such a passionate relationship between a person and a wild pet, the video’s fascination is understandable.

According to Vilon, cuddling is his favorite doing and Sira is pretty, calm, and benevolent.She also loves to rub his head, and at this point, she does not even remotely resemble a typical household kitten.

The youthful fellow believed that Sira was a phenomenal peacemaker and that he shouldn’t have anticipated that she should act differently.

Additionally, they met in 2013, when Sira was just a few months old and the only child whose mom had been left at birth.Through Vilon, she started a close relationship with the Botswana reserve.