Even at the age of 20  the doggie still adores to snuggle her stuffed banana


When it refers to having a great time, your age has no bearing.

This doggie is a constant example of this since, notwithstanding her senior age, she still takes pleasure in the same activities as a pup.

The doggie is named Tessa and she is 20, but it doesn’t prevent her from falling back into old routines, including guarding her household.

One thing she won’t let go of is her affection for her beloved soft toy, a fuzzy banana that she adores snuggling.

She cherishes her soft doll enough that she won’t trade it for anything and boasts about it to everyone.

They’ve been connected ever since she spotted this stuffed toy for the first time roughly 5 years ago.

As per her mom, Shanna, who purchased the monkey after the other doggie destroyed her stuffed toy, she adores the bananas more than any other item in the world.

I discovered that it was the same length as the items she likes when I noticed it in a local pet shop bargain box, the woman claims.

As soon as I gave her the banana, she immediately accepted it.

Her mom offers visitors her toys when they are around so that they may appreciate it for a while, too.

She encourages individuals to say anything before they leave.

When she departs, she places it on the greatest bed she can locate, she claimed.

And up until the day she passed away, she would keep kissing her bananas despite her old age and partial hearing loss.

« In order to help her unwind, we urge people to let her know when they notice her bananas.

She has never considered it to be a toy. The mom said, « It’s her favorite treasure and her livelihood.

On the exterior, she appears to be 20 years old, yet inside, she is only a pup.