Father finds kidnapped son after 24 years of motorcycle search


This tale serves as unequivocal evidence that parents never surrender on their kids.

That much can be said for one tenacious parent by the name of Guo. Guo’s 2-year-old son was kidnapped in 1997 when he was playing close to the front gate of his Chinese house.

He made it his duty to find his kid no matter what it takes, whereas many parents may believe it is preferable to leave the searching to the specialists.

ABC claims that « In China, there are frequent reports of kidnappings for sale. Restrictions that, until 2015, only permitted most urban couples to have one child have made the issue worse.

Couples who desire a son to care for them in old age are sold boys. »

The son of Guo was allegedly stolen by traffickers and sold to a couple in central China.

Father who was 27 years old when his kid was taken, started out on a quest to find him and was prepared to spend the rest of his life doing so.

The bereaved dad gave up his work, got on his motorcycle, and set off on a sacrificial journey that lasted 24 years and 310,000 miles.

He would sleep beneath bridges, ask for cash, and look for advice. A picture of his son was usually fastened to the rear of his bike.

He eventually started speaking out for other families of lost kids.

His  long-lost son was eventually located. View the video to see the amazing reunion.