Following its rescue, the donkey is beaming from ear to ear


Following its rescue, the donkey is beaming from ear to ear

As it is being dragged to freedom, the Irish floods relief donkey appears to be beaming.

A animal stuck in floods last Sunday in Dublin was rescueerd by a rowing club membeer, and the creature is already making a full recovery.

The lady, according to fsrn, put a need for help for Paradise Animal Sanctuary on her Fb page (AHAR).

The creature escaped from its barn on Saturday night in Killorglin, County Kerry, when strong winds tore down the gate.

The creature was found wandering in a field, surounded by severe floodwaters, the following morning when a river overflowed its bank.

A team of workers and Killorglin Rowing Club member Mike Fleming were able to secure a rope and buoyancy device around the donkey before dragging him to land.

As per a representative for Rescue, the animal, now known as Mike after his saviour, is recuperating at the sanctuary for creatures while the barn is being fixed.

He is now dry with blankets, munching a hot mush, and is cozy and toasty.

Our doctor has seen him and put him on medication to avoid pneumonia, according to Suzanne Gibbons, founder of the refuge.

Although he has a minor amount of flud in one lung, our vet predicted a full recovery.

MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO AID Living creatures IN NEED. I adore donkeys. He’s genuinely grinning.