Girl married an albino man and everybody was shocked when they showed their baby


How does this unusual couple’s child appear?Bera Ivanishvili, an albino, and his wife Nanuka Gudavadze!
Bera Ivanishvili is a well-known model, singer, and musician.

His albino appearance has become his « lucky ticket » to success in his career.Bera has modeled for numerous brands and participated in fashion projects and photo shoots over the course of her 26 years.

Behind him, a concert in the 100,000th stadium brought 24 million views to the photos. The musician programs the rhythms while playing the piano, guitar, violin, and percussion.

Although Ivanishvili has many admirers, one person has always held a special place in his heart.Bera wed model Nanuka Gudavadze in 2018, and they had a boy in November 2019 who was named Beruka.

Bera and Nanuki’s baby is admired by internet users for its beauty.There are a lot of very nice comments and well-wishes almost under every picture.

She wed an albino, and when they showed the world their child, everyone was baffled. Many people consider this family to be fabulous because, in addition to their external beauty, there is also mutual understanding and love there.