Gus Kenworthy, an olympic skier from the United States, saves 90 dogs from being eaten in Korea


An American skier named Gus shot to fame after he saved 90 dogs from the Olympic Games.

The olympics were played in Sochi, where he discovered two tiny dogs.

It took him a long time and a lot of work to be able to get them to America.

A puppy that was born here was for sale when he and a buddy visited a farm in South Korea one day.

Although he acknowledged that eating a doggie was a common practice in Korea, he was still afraid and asserted that he had no ability to require his views on the locals.

The way these creatures are being treated, however, is utterly awful.

As soon as the doggie has his vaccines, he will be ready to go to America, he made the decision to acquire one of the puppies with a buddy.

90 puppies were later transported from the ranch to the USA and Canada for adoption with the aid of Humane Society Worldwide.

It is highly likely that similar stories will circulate via individuals like the mom and alert everyone to the issue since such situations are like a puppy and every step of assistance might be helpful.