Heart touching footage of a Labrador asking baby brother to play ball


The Golden Retriever Hobbes and his human baby brother Nolan appear at the beginning of this video.Hobbes is intently gazing at;We don’t know why at first, but then you see it:Nolan has a ton of fun!

Nolan appears to have been given the ball by Hobbes in an effort to play fetch with him.Hobbes hasn’t quite figured out that Nolan isn’t old enough to throw yet, which is understandable.

Thusly, he’s absolutely befuddled when Nolan appears to decline to toss the ball. In the meantime, adorable little Nolan is just lying back in his rocker and relaxing by wagging his hands and legs.

Hobbes decides to take the ball back because Nolan isn’t trying to get it.Maybe the infant hasn’t seen it. Once more, Hobbes hands Nolan the ball.However, the innocent baby does not respond.

While interested in Hobbes’s behavior but unwilling to act, Nolan simply looks at him.Nolan simply observes the dog turning around.

Hobbes places the ball directly on Nolan’s chest the third time, but it quickly rolls off.Nolan isn’t even looking at Hobbes at this point, but the dog gives it one more shot.

He gives Nolan the ball once more while licking the child’s face to get him more excited.

Although he has succeeded in attracting Nolan’s attention, the small child is still unable to cooperate.As his owners laugh in the background, Hobbes finally realizes the message and moves on.

Hobbes will regret it, but it looks like Nolan won’t be able to play catch for a while.

Although there will be a long wait, once Nolan is old enough to play baseball, we are confident that the two of them will have hours of fun together.But you have to give Hobbes credit:He didn’t give up too quickly and continued to try!