Il y a trente-cinq ans, elle comptait parmi les femmes les plus magnifiques


Kelly McGillis launched her career by working as a server, later assuming various roles before landing a pivotal part in the film « Reuben, Reuben, » which received an Academy Award nomination.

This breakthrough paved the way for her to secure roles in television and the highly notable film « Top Gun. » As her popularity surged, producers recognized her potential and cast her in additional movies.

Despite grappling with substance abuse issues, she continued to thrive in both television and film. Her most recent project, « Blue » (2017), and her appearance in the television series « Dirty John » showcase her enduring commitment to her craft.

Moreover, she generously shared her acting expertise at The New York Studio for Stage and Screen.

Teri Polo, following her divorce from the affluent Fred Tillman, chose to pursue a less conventional work schedule in television and film. This decision allowed her to spend more quality time with her children, Kelsey Lauren and Sonora Ashley.

Some of her acting credits include « A Boy Called North » (1994), « The Babe » (1992), « Tragic Decision » (1989), « The Cat Hunter » (1989), « At First Sight » (1999), and « The Inner Circle » (2000).

Kelly McGillis disclosed the real reason behind her exclusion from the Top Gun sequel, emphasizing her contentment with her age and her disregard for Hollywood’s obsession with youth and beauty.

Her reluctance to undergo cosmetic surgery, coupled with the challenges of securing roles as a performer over 65, has further complicated her career prospects. In the upcoming Top Gun film, Tom Cruise will be joined by Jennifer Connelly, who is 51 years old.

Apart from her acting career, Kelly McGillis, at the age of 65, leverages her experience as a theater teacher and her employment at an addiction treatment center to comprehend the destructive effects of narcotics. Unfortunately, she faced concurrent personal challenges, including failed relationships, job loss, and emotional turmoil.

After enduring two divorces and enduring persistent rumors about her sexual orientation, McGillis eventually embraced her lesbian identity.

Her 2010 marriage to Melanie Leis, a real estate executive, was short-lived and ended in divorce. Interestingly, their initial encounter occurred when Leis worked as a waitress at the Florida restaurant co-owned by McGillis and Tillman.

McGillis has candidly shared the evolution of her sexual orientation, revealing that she began questioning it at the age of twelve, long before she gained fame as an actress. Regrettably, her journey in the spotlight led to discomfort and dissatisfaction, often manifesting in frequent panic attacks.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt wishes to Kelly McGillis. We sincerely hope that she has found peace of mind and contentment amidst her personal and professional challenges.

Her courageous stand against Hollywood’s narrow standards of beauty and age is commendable, and we eagerly anticipate seeing more of her exceptional work in the future.