Kind man hugs this broken dog, and promises never to give up on her


Life gave Mildred to the worse hand.She was unable to stand and had all her bones exposed when she 1st arrived at the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center.

However, Millie did not give up.She had no idea that an amazing person would soon adopt her and promise to help her for the rest of her life.

Lee Asher is the organizer behind The Asher House, a non-benefit safe-haven situated on his house property in Estacada, Oregon.Asher helps devastated pups get back on their feet.

Those who have been neglected, abused, or forgotten about.Mildred is adored by dogs.

Asher maintains a robust social media presence and records both the day-to-day lives of the numerous permanent residents at his sanctuary and all of his rescues.

On shaky, unsteady legs, the Mastiff slowly moves to Asher in the footage taken on the day he brought Millie home from the veterinarian.

Mildred, a giant breed canine that should have weighed around 130 pounds, only weighed 70. As she timidly enters Asher’s arms, her eyes are crusted over and her head hangs low.

You can perceive she is anxious yet additionally confident.She has not yet given up on love or life. Mildred is led by Asher to his car, where two of his other rescue dogs warmly greet her.

The dog does not seem at all frightened.In fact, as Asher’s vehicle propels her toward her new life, the video shows her blissfully dozing in her new dog companions.

Few dogs rush to meet the newest arrival at The Asher House.As they sniff her from head to toe, Millie takes it all in stride.

As Asher walks the group for a short distance, she even wags her tail.But Mildred’s unsteady back end that gives out on her makes it clear that she needs to heal a lot.

Millie takes a well-earned sleep next to PomPoms, the resident dog, after eating. Two months have passed since our last encounter with Mildred.

She is stronger and healthier, but her ribs are still can be seen.Asher claims that she is gaining 100 pounds each day.

She runs after Asher’s ATV with the other pups, and her walk is much more steady!Together with her devoted father, she also enjoys paddle boarding and swimming.

It is truly amazing how much love can change a dog’s life.We are extremely appreciative of Asher’s generous spirit and life-changing work with animals.For updates on Mildred and the entire pack, follow him on Instagram!