Man kills his stepfather for abusing his young sister and receives 1,800 years in prison


The criminal justice system is quite intricate. Of course, nobody should act in a way that violates the law or hurts other people.

Quite often the murders’ backstories reveal a lot about the reasons why they occurred.

Consider Christopher Bennett’s situation. In July 2003, when he was only 18 years old, he made a choice that would permanently alter his life.

At his dad Vincent’s house, Bennett was. When he overheard weeping coming from the bedroom of one of his younger sisters, who was 5 at the time, he was going to leave after getting money he was due.

He claims that as he entered, his stepfather was lying on top of his younger sister with his fingers in between her knees.

He just recalls lifting a gun to fire before passing out in a fit of wrath. He killed McDorman by shooting him in the face.

He was given three life terms of 600 years each after admitting guilt, for a total of 1,800 years in prison.

He confessed to Dr. Phil that he had also assaulted him as a youngster during their interview.

But up until that point, he was unaware that his young sisters were also the objective.

His  sisters, who are now adults, view him as a hero for assassinating their dad.

They support his freedom because they believe he spared them from a lifetime of exploitation.

A petition on asks the Virginia governor to be made aware of his situation.

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