Meet Stanley, The sweet Golden Retriever with a tiny mohawk, he was born this way


This cute baby is a golden retriever that is cute and friendly and has a cool haircut.

The endearing puppy has had a cute mohawk from birth, and he continues to wear it today, years later.

Around three weeks old, his mohawk initially became apparent. By the time he was 2 months old, it had temporarily diminished and was almost gone.

His fam thought the little mohawk had vanished forever, but it later reappeared.

Now that he is an adult, the mohawk is still in style. People are often noticing it, and he is quite proud of his distinctive style and enjoys showcasing it on his Insta.

Nearly his whole life, Stanley has worn his mohawk.

When he was just 3 weeks old, his fam noticed his odd hairstyle for the first time.

And even if it momentarily vanished when he was still a little pup…

It quickly returned, and he never misplaced it again.

His hair regularly astounds people, and some even assume that it has been styled.

But it is quite normal. No need for gel! Even water can’t stop the hair from growing.

And that’s really OK. because his fam adores his distinctive appearance.

He’s gorgeous in his current state.

And he’ll proudly continue to sport his mohawk! Share this incredibly sweet story with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.