Navy man swore he would never have children, but after 50 years finds  out he has a grandson who looks just like him


1967 saw the birth of Olivia. When she was ten years old, she discovered that the guy who had essentially raised her, her mom’s spouse, wasn’t her biological father.

So started her lifetime quest to track down her biological father.

Following months came years, then decades. She was already a mother by this time.

40 years after she started her quest for the facts, she at last received a notice from

She had already provided a DNA sample, and it had been matched. She  was more than ready to learn how Diana, a lady she had never met, was linked to her.

She contacted Diana in the hopes that the stranger may provide some wisdom after all these years.

Olivia overheard the two talking about Diana’s cousin Gary, a Vietnam veteran.

She gave Olivia a picture of Gary, and she couldn’t help but notice how much the guy resembled her own son.

Gary, though, had sworn never to have kids while he was a young fellow serving in the Navy.

Because of this, he was completely taken aback when she called him at the age of 87 in a quick and unanticipated manner.

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