New police pups were hired by the police force, and the internet is in awe of them


In addition to being a mans great buddy, canines are excellent law enforcement partners anywhere in the globe.

The newest recruits of Police K9 squad include pups like Fushin, Schumann, Feida, Yige, AJ, and Liang.

After receiving their training, these pups will be crucial in anti-bomb and anti-drug efforts.

If they’re this adorable, that’s an absolute plus. Yellow and Leader, the parents of these pups, who are one month old, work for the police.

Although they now like to cuddle, eat, and rest, they will eventually join the NPA’s K-9 Anti Bomber and Drug squad and Bloody Detector squads located in Taipei.

Meet these gorgeous and fascinating creatures. They are the most recent recruits to Taiwan’s police department.

Following in the footsteps of their parents, these two, they will get training to join the NPA’s ant-bomb and anti-drug operations.

They seem to be highly energetic and have a lot of promise.

In the future, Fushin will be professionally trained as a blood-detection doggie and contribute significantly to Taiwan’s inhabitants’ safety.

Resting and feeding are the priorities right now, though, and also hugging.

Occasionally Lucky Star even dozes off while eating, only to unexpectedly awaken and resume her meal as if nothing had occurred.

These adorable individuals attracted web users and have since become independent online celebrities.

Will thieves be able to hold out?