Now, a blind and deaf dog that no one wanted takes care of each sick foster animal that his owner brings home


Sherio’s luck in life hasn’t always been good, but he hasn’t let it turn him bitter or cruel.

Rather, this adorable puppy has chosen to help other foster pets by providing them with safety and warmth.

Even though he currently lives in a comfortable and caring household, that wasn’t always the case, so he understands all too well how frightening it can be to move into a new house.

He struggles to find a permanent home because he is not only deaf but also partially blind.

He has lived in two orphanages, twelve foster families, and even 4 adoptions, but each time he was returned.

He eventually discovered a person who was willing to embrace him for who he was, impairments and all, when he ended up meeting Sheryl.

Smith had a past of taking care of stray dogs, so when she found Sherio, she felt she had to take him in.

Since being accepted by her, he has been motivated to « pay it forward » and share his happiness with others. He is so grateful to have finally found a family that loves him.

He makes every effort to assist each creature that she decides to take in and care for.

He makes every effort to provide the needy pets with a sense of security and affection.

He attempts to be a supply of solace while supporting them with licks and caresses.

She explained in an interview with the Dodo: « Just after his recovery, I picked up a pregnant doggie who was too ill to look for her puppies, so he crawled in with them and started washing them.

Every recovery I undertake, he has performed that action. They respect him before they believe me because of the deep relationships he forms with the wild kittens and cats while just sitting calmly with them.

His strong connection to the creatures he fosters is understandable given that he has experienced similar circumstances. several times. overly frequently.

He suffers from separation anxiety because of his history even though he is safe and secure in his new, forever home.

He still sobs in the car now because he believes he is being dumped somewhere else, she told the Dodo.

However, she is trying everything in their power to boost his self-assurance along with her household.

As a result, he has grown to be a powerful ally for many creatures.

Tiny Tolley, a wild kitten that needed care terribly, was just taken in by Smith.

The little kitten was malnourished and unwell, and she had no chance of surviving if she hadn’t taken her in and cared for her.

Naturally, he had a role in the kitten’s development and remained by her side as she got better and healthier.

He even offered Tiny Tolley a couple big, wet pup licks after she was healthy enough to investigate the home on her own.

While his affection and companionship were unquestionably welcomed, the embraces may or might not have been.

He has been able to make the most of his circumstances instead of allowing his previous heartbreak to detract from his present-day happiness.

Even though he still has anxiety issues, he is becoming more loving and compassionate, which is helping every animal that crosses his path.

We are so delighted that this nice guy has eventually found a lovely family who will never fail to tell him that he is secure, cherished, and has a lasting place in their hearts and homes. We are very delighted of this good pup.