Poor baby elephant cries for 5 hours after being ignored and attacked by it’s own mother


Even if you love your parents completely, the most painful feeling is being ignored by the person you anticipate to love the most.

A baby elephant who cried for several hours as a result of this occured.His mother’s attacks and rejection of him baffled him.

Zhuang Zhuang is his name, and he was born in Rong-cheng, China, in the Shendiaoshan Wildlife Sanctuary.Baby Zhuang’s mother didn’t just turn him down.She also beat him up.His injuries were caused by that.

This is very weird because mom elephants typically stay with their young until they can survive on their own.

The caregivers initially assumed it was a mother-baby misunderstanding.The baby elephant was returned to his mother after they treated his wounds.

However, the threat was too great, and the mom elephant attacked her infant once more.They made the decision to separate them once they were certain that the calf could no longer remainunharmed with its mom.

They made this choice to keep the calf safe from further harm, but the emotional harm was already done. Despite the caregivers’ best efforts to comfort Zhuang, no one anticipated what would transpire following the separation.

For more than five hours, the calf cried! Zhuang’s heart was filled with separation anxiety and feelings of rejection, and the sound of his crying was heartbreaking.

A worker stated:He was extremely enraged and cried for five hours before I offered comfort.He couldn’t stand being apart from his mother, who had the intention of killing him.

Experts on elephants Julia S. Ferdinand and Andrea Worthington, a doctor of zoology and ecology, provided a more in-depth explanation for this peculiar occurrence:,,

In an elephant herd that can roam freely, all of the adults take care of all of the young.They really learn to be parents with the help of their families, who are always there for them.

Other interesting facts about the behavior of elephant mothers are provided by experts:

Although this typically only occurs in free-ranging elephants, elephants typically choose family caregivers to raise their offspring and give birth next to relatives.

The animals’ protective maternal instinct toward their young may be affected by life in captivity away from traditional family groups.

Such was the situation with Zhuang, exacerbated by the way that she was the principal calf conceived.

A woman who is primiparous may be scared, and an inexperienced mother in labor may intentionally attack or harm her baby.

In the wild, her loved ones assist her in giving birth, which helps her give birth slowly and less painfully.Experts assert she is not a badmother, it is true.

It’s hard to deal with elephants who have given birth and live in captivity, especially without help from loved ones. Luckily, Zhuang was calmed down by a zookeeper who had a special relationship with her.