Poor dog deserted at gas station decides to go after a nice woman


According to petsdailynews, Leilani Wong was on a long trip with her husband and dog when they stopped at a gas station in St. Clair, California.

While she was waiting for her husband to fill up the tank, Wong noticed a cute dog sniffing around her vehicle.“I saw her walking around the gas station, and she sat in front of our car and was just staring at me,” The Dumb said.

In an effort to get my husband’s attention, I’m hitting my hand against the wind and asking, « Are you seeing this? »After that, she began to follow my husband around the car.

The day was dawning and the temperature outside was 105 degrees.The gas state turned out to be a common breeding ground for unwanted animals, and people began to appear in the area if the danger appeared.

The woman refused to follow Wong, so she took the food and water.It was evident that the girl was either completely ignored or unimportant, as she appeared to be so appreciative of the insignificant act.

Wong and her husband gave the dog the name « Aia » and decided to keep her on their ranch until they could find a place to keep her.Wong stated, « She was just scared, nervous, and timid. »

« My husband slept in the car with her the first night. »She could not do anything else but eat. » When they got back to Washington, Aia had developed a strong bond with her new parents.Wong stated, « She’s a little magnet. »

She was brought to the table for a full period of time, and the other person initiated actions, expecting her to be added.But Aia was getting along so well with Wong’s other girls that they couldn’t bear to let her go.

Mσnths later, ƙaia still dσesn’t comprehend hσw tσ ρlay with tσys σr what tσ dσ when σffered a bσne σr treat.But she’s getting stronger by the day, proving to her mother how strong and active she can be.

Wong stated, « Her initial personality was extremely timid, scared, unsure of herself, and not confident. »However, her current personality is squishy, cuddly, and attached to you.

Because she is present alongside you, you are unable to enter another room.Wong said, « I tell her she’s the best girl I’ve ever had. »