Poor dog lost for several years is so happy to finally be with his best friend again


A giant, blue-eyed street pup from Ukraine was adopted earlier this month by volunteers at this animal sanctuary.

It was obvious that the pup’s life on the streets had not been kind to him.The numerous difficulties he had endured could be seen in his deformed body and filthy coat.

The dog’s saviors were sure to find him a good new place, unaware that he already had one.Moreover, that person was deeply in love with him.

The dog’s picture was taken the day he arrived and put on the internet to find people who might be interested in adopting him.

It might have appeared unlikely that the poor puppy would attract much attention given his situation and the time it would take to get him back to health, but the sadness in his eyes struck a chord.

The post was published thousands of times in a matter of hours by humans all over the globe. The social media posts made all the difference.

The sanctuary was contacted just 2 days later by a lady whose 2017 pup had been stolen from her yard.She was taken aback by how similar that canine appeared to her missing puppy after receiving the post from the sanctuary.

The worker from shelter Galina Lekunova said during the talk, « She’d been searching for her dog for more than two years. »But is this really him?

A meeting was set up the following day to confirm the suspicion, and it really soon became clear that it was actually a reunion.

And one of the most sincere kinds, too: « Tears of happiness in the morning! »The sanctuary described the reunion in writing as a « miracle. »

That day had been so long in the making for the dog, Lord.With the assistance of strangers who insisted on spreading the story about him in social media, he was finally back where he belonged.

The shelter wrote, « We thank everybody who shared our post. »The dog’s life was rescued because of you, and his owner now has peace in his heart! »