Shop owner gives his kitties a glass ceiling so they can watch him all day long


Kitties are insatiably curious, so even though it might occasionally seem unsettling to be constantly watched, it’s also sort of comforting to know that at least one person thinks your life to be completely interesting.

In order to provide his kitties the greatest possible experience as spies, one store owner has incorporated a unique element to his establishment and has fully embraced his kitties’ cunning natures.

The owner has created a little « attic » for his kitties to spend out in in the area above the store’s roof.

But what makes it really unique is that he also changed a few of the ceiling panels with glass tiles, giving his kitties the ideal bird’s-eye perspective of the business and everybody inside.

The kitties are allowed to laze around in the loft and may closely observe everything that happens in the business.

They act as mini-furry CCTV cameras and keep an eye out for any funny activity on their watches.

We can only image the surprise some unwary clients may have when they abruptly learn that they are being observed after seeing the sight from below, which is both amusing and unsettling.

After all, it doesn’t happen every day that you are shopping when a hovering cat gives you the side-eye.

The kitties just want for one simple thing in exchange for their crucial services as security measures: to be fed on schedule.

Unfortunately, their meals can occasionally be postponed by a few seconds or even minutes, which of course forces them to destroy their house in order to discipline their human.

Completely comprehensible. Overall though, it looks like this sweet little setup is doing just well.

Twitter and the internet in general are really charming and amused, the business is secure, the kitties are content, the clients are…surprised.

We believe that all stores ought to give installing this adorable and cutting-edge security system some thought.

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