Squirrel rescued from hurricane has her own mini Teddy, which she won’t give up


Jill was thrown out of her home as Hurricane Isaac hit.

Fortunately for the baby squirrel, she was saved by a caring family, and though she had intended to remain only until she was a bit more mature and stronger, she ended up remaining for life.

Jill recognized she was having a great time with her new fam. Jill has been living here for seven years and is doing well.

On her Instagram feed, she shares photos of her daily life with followers from all around the world.

There are a lot of crazy antics and a lot of stunning costumes.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, Jill’s faithful teddy is likely to make a visit.

The small teddy is her constant sleeping companion, and she enjoys snuggling up to it and clutching it tightly to her heart.

Jill’s welcoming embrace nicely suited the white small teddy bear.

She enjoys giving her fuzzy pal a nice squeeze. And she enjoys flaunting her pal in front of the camera.

As they nap together, they create an extremely lovely couple.

Jill is no exception to the fact that squirrels are extremely bright animals.

They are also unusually trustworthy. Some wild squirrels may even eat right out of your fingers.

Jill is always eager to embark on new experiences with her favorite humans.

That is, when she isn’t sleeping with her teddy. She has an excellent closet full of gorgeous clothing.

Her fluffy tiny companion, though, is the finest accessory. This adorable survivor is having her best life.