Stray cat desperately wanders to fire station on cold snowy day and asks to be let in because she is freezing


Once a street cat in a severe frost came under the window of a fire station hoping that people would help her.

An attendant at the Steinbach Fire Department in Canada was very surprised when he walked by and saw a small cat stare out the window at him.

“It was a cold evening and she was standing outside the window. When one of our firefighters went outside, she ran straight to him.”

The cat did not go anywhere and continued to sit under the window.

It was clear that she had nowhere to go.

Firefighters let the cat into the room, fearing that at night in a severe frost it would freeze.

In the warmth, the cat could be seen better, it turned out to be dirty and really wanted to eat.

But at the same time, the cat immediately responded with a purr.

The fire chief Kelvin, who already had four cats at home, offered to temporarily take it to his home.

He called her Amber and took her to the vet for examination the next day.

Apart from mild frostbite on the tips of the ears, the veterinarian found the cat to be quite healthy.

“I sent her photo and story on Facebook, maybe someone lost her. But when for several days no one responded, we again took her to the vet, where she was vaccinated and found ear mites on her, from which we immediately began to heal her.”

During these examinations, Amber did not resist at all, but seemed to enjoy human attention.

Some firefighters wanted to make Amber a station cat, but it turned out that the station has days off when there is not even a duty officer and there will be no one to look after the cat at this time.

Then they decided to find a permanent owner for her.

“We posted her photos on Facebook and it looks like we’ve already found an owner for her,” Kelvin said.