Suicidal father drove off a cliff with twin daughters inside, but all of them survived thanks to this hero 


San Diego, California, policeman Jonathan got a report about a suicidal guy who could have a gun.

The dad was said to have kidnapped his 2-year-old twin girls that morning without their mom’s consent.

The mom of the kids then started getting phone calls and texts that alluded to the terrifying possibility that she would not see her children again.

Police worried the dad might try to drive his vehicle off the Coronado Bridge as they searched for him.

When the 47-year-old guy drove down a 50-foot precipice and into the lake, dispatchers found his phone near the Sunset Cliffs.

While this was happening, his twin kids were perched on his lap. They were all not buckling up in their cars.

K-9 trainer Officer Wiese was adamant that the family would be saved, no matter how dangerous the situation.

The officer was aware that he would have to find other ways to the river because jumping over the bluff was simply too perilous.

In the end, it seems unbelievable that all three collision survivors lived, which is why San Diego police chief describes Officer’s efforts that day as « perhaps the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my 32 years. »

Reminder: The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is always available at 988. Call if you or a beloved one is dealing with suicidal ideas.

By phone or live chat, they are accessible all the time. Share this story with your friends and family to warn them to be careful.