Teen makes college application only to find out that he’s been a ‘missing person’ for 12 years


A young kid disappeared from his Alabama home in August 2002.

After his father left a message claiming he had kidnapped the young boy, Julian’s mother reported him missing.

After 12 years, he apparently continued to live with his biological dad in Ohio, where he was allegedly content, happy, and regular.

His  father’s name was changed, and he also adopted a fictitious identity.

Over the years, hundreds of leads poured in, and his mom never lost faith that she’d one day be reconciled with her child.

But every lead turned out to be incorrect. That was up until he turned 18 and started completing his college applications.

When he realized his social insurance number didn’t quite match his name, the reality started to emerge.

He requested assistance from a school counselor to finish his forms since he was perplexed by the alleged error in his personal information.

The counsellor learned that the National Center for Lost and Abused Kids had categorized Julian as missing.

He discovered that his own dad had kidnapped him when he was a kid.

According to the police, his mom was ecstatic to learn that her son was still alive and healthy.

In a moving turn of events, he begged the judge to save his dad from jail, claiming he had forgiven him.

While he acknowledged that growing up without a mom was difficult, he said that « removing him from me means doing the same thing over again. »

Please watch the video to observe Julian’s amazing display of compassion at his dad’s sentencing.

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