The 3 wolves expressed their gratitude to the forester who 2 months ago took pity on the hungry female one


On a freezing winter day, a forester came upon a female wolf that was beginning to tire.

The sad creature, obviously starving, felt that it had nothing to gain by approach the house because it could be tough to get food in the forest during the wintertime.

The farmer, Styopa, was initially terrified, but he soon developed compassion for the wolf and gave her some food.

He was the best person to understand how difficult it is to get food in the forests during the winter.

The locals were shocked to learn that he had decided to feeding the wolf when it returned a few more times.

Although a skilled forester forewarned that if the animal became starving, it would become harmful to not just the animals but also the occupants of adjacent communities, since they were afraid she would steal their herd.

The wolf ceased showing up as spring got closer, but the farmer had grown used to her.

The summer season had just begun, therefore there was already plenty of food.

The farmer was sad since he had gotten close to his buddy, but the people were pleased.

The wolf had visited him again by the end of April, but this time she showed up with her puppies rather than by herself.

The forester learned that she fed her wolf cubs in addition to eating meat.

He never saw his wild wolf buddy again, and the animals’ eyes shone with appreciation.