The airline declines to let the father board the plane with the baby; an elderly lady says, ‘Come home with me.’


To pick up his baby daughter from the clinic and take her home in April 2018, Rubin  traveled from Cleveland to Phoenix.

After being given custody of the infant Ru-Andria, he couldn’t wait to bring her back to Ohio, where he was born.

With his 4-day-old daughter by his side, the proud new father left the clinic and drove to the airport.

In order to prove Ru-Andria was permitted to fly, He went to the desk and produced a doctor’s letter.

However, it made no difference. They couldn’t get aboard the plane that day, it was said to him.

As the ticket agent stated that the airline doesn’t allow flights for infants under 7 days old, he remained there in shock.

How was he going to handle this situation now?

In Phoenix, He knew no one. He was going to become trapped for 3 days with a newborn child and no place to go.

Then a face appeared in his anxious imagination. Back at the clinic, he recalled entering the maternity hospital on the day he first saw his baby daughter and seeing an old patient and hospital worker called Joy carrying Ru-Andria.

Though he just had a brief conversation with Joy, he was aware of her compassion and caring nature.

Her phone number was located by Rubin. With no other alternatives and a new baby in tow, he took a gamble and contacted her even though he didn’t believe she’d recognize him at all.

A three-day act of compassion that made headlines and impacted the hearts of millions of people then transpired.