The doggie owner provides his doggie with a step stool so that he can greet his buddies across the gate


When contrasted to his two Great Dane companions, this chocolate lab named Guiseppe looks to be the smallest of breeds.

The adorable lab had just relocated next door to brothers Vito and Bambino, and the two were pleased to have a fresh and active friend.

Notwithstanding their height, they would peer over the wall that divided the two back yards, hoping to see him return their gaze.

Unfortunately, the tiny lab was simply insufficient to reach all the way to the top.

Robert, on the other side, is everything not a quitter, and he’s been trying his hardest to leap high enough to greet his neighbors.

He’s attempted several times to catapult himself high enough to offer Vito and Bambino a good whiff, but he’s never been successful.

Not without assistance, at least. His fam has watched his never-ending fight with amusement and sympathy.

Every time they saw his futile jumps fail to get him where he needed to go, they hoped there was anything they could do to aid him.

Then they realized, duh!, there’s one clear method to aid the small doggie.

After all, what do they grasp for when they have to grasp an object that is too far up? Of obviously, a stepping tool.

So, one day, his fam got him a chair, and the adorable lab was able to see over the wall for the first time.

As he placed his paws on the barrier and poked his nose over it, his small tail flew a mile a minute.

He was thrilled, as were they, who had been waiting for the ambitious puppy to achieve for a long time.

He can now say hello to his pals and neighbours anytime he wants, and the two are overjoyed to have a new companion within sniffing distance.

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