The giant white shark ”God Of War” and its mesmerizing scars!


The result of years of unrelenting bites, a massive shark was found with numerous marks and scars all over its body.

This 11-year-old great white was captured on film by under water cinematographer Dean Spraakman near the Neptune Islands in South Australia.About 1,000 great white sharks call it home.

Stacks of old sc.ars surrounded the massive propeller, which was covered in marks all over its skin.It hangs out in the sea when encircled by other little fish.

The great white shark’s scars are a source of many skepticism.Nobody had at any point seen such a badly injured white shark.

They speculated that the shark might have been injured by the boats’ propellers or that it might have become entangled in nearby tuna cages, which would explain its long, deep scales.

Another possibility is that the swimmers were distracted by stingrays, and that the pursuit may have taken place on a shallow reef, where it could have become entangled.

However, according to National Geographic explorer Professor Yannis Papastamatiou, the scars are the result of sharks or their prey, the seals, interacting primarily.

A great white shark can reach 20 feet in length and 2.5 tons in weight.

He has the body of a « God of the Waves of the Ocean » and looks very ferocious and attractive.Dean Spraakman, however, is taken aback when he realizes that the great white shark is indeed calm and friendly.

It doesn’t seem to care about the difficulties it has faced and doesn’t mind its fiery appearance.

The coasts of Australia, California, and SouthAfrica are the world’s most popular places to see great white sharks.The Mediterranean is occasionally also home to these enormous predators.

The Neptune Islands, where the scarred shark was found, are also well-known as popular tourist destinations for great white sharks.

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