The grieving doggie can’t stop snuggling his deceased brother’s pillow


They had never been separated for a night.

Spencer and Rocky were best friends for ten incredibly fulfilling years.

The adorable puppies’ happiest moment was, in fact, merely being with one another.

The animals’ owner Beth  informed The Dodo that « they have never spent a night apart. »

They  often strolled beside one another when they walked out. They also shared a bed.

Unfortunately, though, their happy time spent together has just come to an end.

A huge malignant growth was discovered to be growing inside of the blonde doggie Rocky while being examined by the doctor to see what sickness he had acquired.

There was only one way to end the poor pup’s misery after the awful discovery, which was made too late for therapy.

That day, Rocky had to be put down, Fisher said. Although it was difficult to comprehend Rocky’s unexpected passing, we can’t begin to fathom how difficult it must be for Spencer to have lost his younger brother.

He was devastated, and it was obvious. He has been waking up in the middle of the night to seek for his brother since Rocky went away, according to Fisher.

When he didn’t locate him, « and then he begins weeping. »

To preserve Rocky and his sibling together, his ashes were put on a ledge above the bed where they both slept.

However, it was clear that Spencer needed additional support to manage.

So his father placed an order for him to receive a pillow with Rocky’s beaming face.

The kind gesture immediately made him feel at ease.

Spencer appears to have found comfort in the cushion dedicated to Rocky when he passed away.

Fisher said that ever since it arrived, he has been cuddling up to the cushion and transferring it from the sofa to his bed.

Now that he has something to cuddle up to, he seems calmer.

There is now company for the grieving dog in bed.

Rocky will never be entirely restored, of course.

He, who is growing on in years, drifts off to sleep, yet it is consoling to think that his best friend is still there in souls the same way he had been at first.

Fisher said, « I don’t suppose he will get over his passing, but I feel he’s able to learn to live on without him, » pointing out that the destiny is something he’ll never have to confront alone.

Best of success to him as he finds comfort in his new pillow and the many hugs from his family members.