The picture of a kissing dog and a dolphin went viral on the web, and it turned out that they have been friends for more than 8 years


If you thought that a dog is a man’s best friend, we hasten to disappoint you.

It looks like dogs are friends with everyone!

In Florida, a dog made friends with a dolphin, and their photos are what you just need to see today.

A year ago a dog named Gunner and his old dolphin friend Delta became real stars.

No wonder – their story makes you fall in love with them.

The dolphin lives in the Dolphin Research Center seaside reserve on Grassy Key Island, Florida, USA.

The owner of the dog, Marie Blanton, works in the organization and often takes the pet with her, where he visits his partner with fins.

When Gunner first came to the docks, Blanton thought he would bark or get very nervous.

But the reaction was completely opposite, he just lay down and began to watch.

Then Marie began to notice that every time she brought Gunner with her, Delta was always the first to swim up to him. She brought her toys to the dog, and he tried to play with them

When Gunner was first brought to the dolphins, he was only two months old.

Now the dog is already eight years old, and the friendship with 11-year-old Delta has only grown stronger.

And although their meetings have become less frequent, they still recognize each other.

The dolphin is always the first to sail to the retriever when he comes to visit the docks, writes Insider.

The story of Gunner and Delta was made public by a viral tweet by @_woollyback.

On his account, the guy posted a photo of the couple. The tweet soon received over 1.2 million likes and nearly 250,000 retweets.