They ran away to get married in secret 79 years ago; And the couple is now the oldest married couple in the whole world


This wonderful couple Waldramina Quinteros and Julio Mora were both born in 1915 and 1910, respectfully.They were set up a few years after by the lady’s sibling.The man who married Quinteros’ sister was Mora’s cousin.

Mora began to feel something for her as the poetry of Quinteros moved him.Before they realized that neither of their families wanted them to get married, the couple had been together for seven years.

They didn’t want to part ways.The couple made the decision to run away because they couldn’t picture living apart or sharing their lives with another person.

The youthful duo had no idea that getting married would some time after bring them in the Guinness World records. In 194, on February 7,, Mora and Quinteros tied the knot in the Church of El Belen in Quito, in Ecuador.

This was the start of another piece of their happy life. »At 1st, it wasn’t very easy because our families didn’t get along well, » Quinteros recalled.

“Quinteros claims that over time, tensions between the two families began to improve, and the couple was able to quickly persuade their families to stop being so cruel to one another.

Quinteros’ life was turned upside down by something out of the ordinary two months after she got her diploma. Mora and Quinteros had children and put in a lot of effort to raise them over the years.

Quinteros claimed that although they had a few minor disagreements, she and her spouse never got into a fight.The more youthful generations Quinteros and her spouse, who worked as teachers, retired in the same town.

They were the parents of 4 kids, eleven grandkids, 21 great-grandkids, and a great-great-grandbaby. When the pandemic struck, the couple’s fondness for spending time with family waned.

Their daughter Cecilia claims that they were disappointed that the lockdown prevented them from seeing their younger kids and grandchildren.She stated, « My parents must speak with their family. »

Mora and Quinteros set a new world record despite the fact that the pandemic turned lots of human’s lives upside down.

They were awarded diplomas from the Guinness Book of World Records in August 2020 for being the eldest married couple still alive.

Their ages together was almost 215 years, compared to the past record winners’that was 212 years and 52 days. They had no understanding that this reward would come as a surprise from fate when they fled to get married years ago.

« Having a Guinness world records name is a great honor and source of pride for us because it is the most prestigious award in the world, » they explained to us.

Mora was 110 and his wife was 104 when they got the world record.Both of them were in good health.They were healthier and more active than the majority of couples their age.

Cecilia said that her dad got a kick out of the chance to sit in front of the television and that her mom got a kick out of the chance to peruse the paper each day.

The couple retired to a quiet life after witnessing the world shift before their very eyes. They said that they were scared when they learned about COVID-19, but they made sure to go after the rules.

In 2020, the couple mentioned, « The pandemic is a lot for us to think about.“2 months after Quinteros got her certificate, she experienced an unusual event that completely rearranged her life.On October 22, 2020, Cecilia learned something she had never wanted to know.
When she entered her parents’ bedroom on Thursday night, her father was still seated.Mora passed away while he was sleeping next to his beloved partner.The couple’s beautiful trip, which they had started together, came to an end that night.
Although Mora’s passing broke the hearts of his family—his wife and children—he also provided them with many fond memories over the years.

We pray that his soul is at peace and that his loved ones will never forget how great he was.

Because he got married with a lady he adored the most and spent the rest of his time with her, Mora’s kids, youngest great-grandkids, and great-great-grandkids will be aware of the fact that he believed in love more than anything else.

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Despite the fact that they had spared many ups and downs, neither of them was aware that they would pass away at the same time.