This Belgian Malinois and little owl have the most incredibly unique friendship, and their pictures are wonderful


Despite age, race, and background varieties, companionships can thrive across distances and transcend all barriers, including those between animal species.

Like Ingo, a Belgian Malinois, who made an unique companion in an owl with the name Poldi.

Tanja Brandt, an animal photographer, snapped photos of Ingo the pup and Poldi theowl enjoying each other’s company as soon as she noticed their unique fellowship.

This was the beginning of her mesmerizing photo series about the two animals.

Tanja’s animal family also includes other feathered friends, including Poldi and Ingo, with whom Ingo has become increasingly close.

Visit Tanja’s 500px and Facebook pages to see how Ingo and his feathered friends get along.

You can also visit Tanja’s website to learn more about her artwork, her family of feathered and furry creatures, and more.