This family can’t stop laughing after their missing pup comes back home with medal she won from a dog show


One family was close to thinking that their beloved Beagle Mix would never be seen again.Yet, what they didn’t expect was that their canine would return – and with something special for them, too!

Peter and Paula Closier were concerned on the grounds that Bonnie, their Beagle blend, had not gotten back home subsequent to vanishing on a Sunday.

Even though the dog is five years old and in good health, the fur parents do not like it when the beagle runs around the neighborhood on its own.

When the dog finally returned home later that day, their worries vanished.However, Bonnie returned in a different manner than when she left.

Peter and Paula noticed that she was wearing a yellow ribbon around her neck as she ran toward them.The dog was awarded third place at a dog show, according to the ribbon.

The couple eventually discovered what had actually transpired after being perplexed by her award. John Wilmer was on his way to a Surrey dog show when he saw the beagle mix.

He was unfamiliar with the dog, so he was curious about its owners.He had an idea as he was driving to the show.He considered bringing the beagle as he was about to enter a dog show with his own dog.

She might win, surely, but who knows?John brought two additional dogs to the show. He still had time to post about finding Bonnie on Facebook despite already being late for the show.

He ultimately made the decision to bring her in and register her as the « Best Rescue Dog. »True to form, Bonnie even took home the third prize!Bonnie almost seemed to leave the house to win.

In contrast, Peter and Paula happened upon John’s Facebook post and were relieved to learn that Bonnie is in good hands.Bonnie returned to the happy couple’s embrace later that day, but this time she brought one present.

Bonnie wore the ribbon with pride, and her parents share their enthusiasm for her accomplishment.However, the fact that they were concerned about getting sick persists.

When it comes to taking care of Bonnie, Peter and Paula are now more cautious as a result of the incident.Even though Bonnie currently holds a bronze medal, she still stands a chance of winning the gold medal next time, right?

The question is whether her parents will let her compete once more. Paula suggested, « We might. »It’s clear that she likes them. »

Indeed, if Bonnie could win the third cost absent much by way of preparing, who can say for sure what she could accomplish with legitimate practice.

This dog has a lot of promise.I suppose we’ll see if Bonnie gets another chance to see the show.That is, assuming she does not escape on her own but goes out with her parents!