This lady forgets her name and starts to feel odd because of her carpets…


Mold in your home should never be ignored.A woman from Australia didn’t take this seriously, and now she’s trying to get people to pay attention because the mold in her home caused her to have health issues that could kill her.

Amie and her husband moved into an apartment in 2016She didn’t realize that her qualities made her bound to become ill from shape.However, no one anticipated that this would almost kill her.

Skilton, who is now 42 years old, claimed that her body and mind were getting worse for no apparent reason at the time.At least that’s what she thought.

She could tell that her health was deteriorating rapidly as soon as they moved in.They initially were unaware that the shower and the carpet in the apartment were leaking water.

« About two months in, I started getting sick, and it was clear that I was sick, » she stated.We never noticed there was a leak because it was summer and very sunny, so it might have taken that long.

We always had the windows open.Additionally, her body experienced a « systemic breakdown » as a result of her genetic predisposition to mold-related illness.

She gained weight quickly and lost her ability to think clearly. »There were days when I didn’t know how to dress, » she said.I would look at clothes and not know how to put them on or use them.

She had trouble recalling even the simplest of details.She stated, « One time I was filling out a form, and I was looking at the box where my name was written, and I was like, « What is it again? »

« What is it again? »I spent a lot of time looking at it.She made the decision to take a test, but nothing came back.She stated, « This is exactly what transpired. »

Both the white blood cell and red blood cell counts were in good shape. However, as her health continued to deteriorate, she was unable to ignore it.

Then, one day, a building biologist discovered a leak that she was unaware of.She said, « The floor covering looked fine from the top, yet when she lifted it, there was dark form on top of it. »

It was green when we finally removed the cover from our mattress.She was incredulous that the proprietor was aware of the water leak but did not bother to notify them.

« So they knew they were leaving us in there, » Skilton said.I probably get the most angry about that.We got sick because they knew,

Thus, when they found shape in the house, she at last finished the right tests.In addition, it was « 100 percent clear that not only was the location damp and moldy, but also that my immune system had reacted to the mold in the same way that we knew my genes would. »

« Skilton advises everyone to always check for mold, regardless of whether they are genetically susceptible to mold.She advised, « You can have a certified mold testing technician or a building biologist check your house. »

That education is common to all building biologists, but not all mold testing technicians go on to work in other areas of building biology.Skilton has since learned how to conduct mold tests on herself.

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