This man on his balcony has unusual meeting with his neighbor’s lovely cat


A cat can greet you in a variety of ways, including friendly flops at the feet and face rubs on the shins, as well as coy glances that suggest a pet or two might be allowed.Scratches and hisses are also a possibility.

But then there’s the story of how @benny nazareth, a Tik Tok user, met his neighbor’s cat.Both of them were alone on the balconies of their houses in Milan, Italy, when they met.Additionally, it was simply awkward.

Naturally, no one can guess what the neighbor cat was thinking as she perched outside to take in the sun, only to have to share the experience with a stranger next door.She admittedly did not appear particularly pleased.

It is important to note that, despite the fact that @benny nazareth made a joke about the cat being « a stalker, » only 1 of them was recording the other on that day, most likely without asking 1st.

Having aid that, kittens can be moody and won’t shy away from expressing their emotions.Regardless, let’s hope their icy, bizarre relationships will warm up for the sake of peace.

Or, as the steely-eyed cat might offer, her curious neighbor might proceed to locate a new residence.)