This poor devastated dog refuses to leave the door while waiting for her father to get back from the clinic


Leia is not a particularly cuddly pup.The affectionate German Shepherd loves to demonstrate her love in other ways, such as always remaining close to the humans she cares about and keeping an eye on them.

She lately demonstrated her amazing loyalty in the most wonderful and heartbreaking manner.She showed how much she adored and longed for her father, or grandfather, when he had to stay overnight at the clinic.

Katie Snyder, Leia’s mother, took her to her parents for a brief vacation earlier this year.

Leia rapidly fell in love with Snyder’s parents, but because she wasn’t particularly cuddly, no one realized how deeply she was bonded to Snyder’s father.

However, Snyder’s father required hospitalization one night due to unanticipated medical issues.

When Snyder’s father accidentally had to go to the clinic, Snyder’s parents were out celebrating their 40th anniversary. Snyder’s mom had to go back to their home by herself.

She couldn’t stay in the hospital with her husband because of the current circumstances, but at least she had Leia to keep her company.

Leia, on the other hand, showed how much she had grown to adore Snyder’s dad when she realized he wasn’t coming home.

The crushed little guy sat by the entryway with her head hanging low and sat tight for her daddy to return home.She yearned for him to comeback to her because she missed him so much.

Snyder decided that Leia’s brief « vacation » would be extended for the rest of her life after witnessing how much she had grown to love Snyder’s father.

It was abundantly clear that he was now also Leia’s father.The following day, Snyder’s father got back and Leia was excited.The sweet dog was thrilled and relieved to have her preferred person back.

Snyder stated in an interview with The Dodo, « He is her human now. »

It is abundantly clear that Leia and her new father were always meant to be together, and she is excited to get to spend the rest of her life with him.Dogs truly represent love and faithfulness.