This university built what could be everyone’s dream room to assist stressed-out students


The University of Lancashire launched today an unique area that will allow students the chance to unwind and spend a little time with some adorable pups.

This space was created to address the issue of how tough being a student can be.

Students must give £1 to enter the room and see the pups, who will presumably be escorted by their keepers.

This project is a collaboration between the student association SOS (Stressed Out Students) and the Assistance Dog organization.

The Pup Room will only be accessible by arrangement to avoid overcrowding and strain on the animals themselves.

Visit the Fb page of the organization Stressed Out Students to learn more about their initiative.

This is really such a  cool decision as pets are the only creatures in this world who will never judge us.

They are always ready to shower us with love and care. Good job, you guys!

Everyone needs such kind of dream to come true.

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