This WWII veteran celebrates his 104th birthday by playing golf we wish you the happiest birthday


Everyone has a special birthday, but reaching or passing 100 is truly something to celebrate.The COVID-19 pandemic limited George McInally’s 103rd birthday celebration the previous year.

So, this year, his family made sure he made up for it by taking him to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to do what he loves most:go golfing.

The last time George played golf was on his 100th birthday, but this year he wanted to hit the links and ride along the course.

His family came to celebrate with him, and they all wore T-shirts with the number 104 printed on them.The following week, George will return to his Clearwater residence.

The Michigan man was sent to work for the US Army Air Forces in the Pacific.He flew aircraft. I joined the Air Force in April 1941.

I received my education at New York University’s Guggenheim School of Aeronautics.I spent five years in the Air Force, where I learned how to fly.

It was an extraordinary time, however I wouldn’t repeat the experience… « I did battle to learn, » George told Fox News on his 103rd birthday last year.Stay active and attend school.

The brave veteran even got to fly gliders over enemy territory.He recalled how wonderful it was to fly into Tokyo following the end of the war.Additionally, he recalled how wonderful it was to attend school in New York.

One of my best experiences was attending school in Newark, New York City.They are a nickel each.He likewise said, « The ship to Staten Island merited a nickel.

Because he danced, had fun, and drank scotch, George lived a long life.He had three children with his 70-year marriage to Hazel.He encourages youngsters to attend school and maintain good health.

On George’s big birthday, I hope he and his family have a great time playing golf.Help us congratulate him on his birthday by sharing this story.